A work of mine is paired with a segment of Joyce Carol Oates’ writing in the upcoming book Afflict the Comfortable (Comfort the Afflicted): Selected works from the Salmagundi Literary Magazine and The Tang Teaching Museum’s Collection.

   Paper Puppets and Scenery from The New World

   Pig, 2009-2010, paper, graphite, tape                                                           Joyce Carol Oates

News Jan 2009

News Feb 2010

Dave Miko in the Company of Friends, Lichen Locked Lagerstätte La Brea

Mitchel Algus Gallery, 511 West 25th Street, New York, NY

February 19 through March 20

I have the honor of being one of the “friends” in this highly unique show of Miko’s artwork.

News Mar 2010

“Curator’s Pick” on P.S.1 MoMA’s new web initiative offering virtual presentations of greater New York area artists’ studios

Click here to “visit” me.

News Apr 2010

My work is included in the SculptureCenter survey show, Knight’s Move, curated by Fionn Meade.  Knight’s Move will be on view May 3rd - July 26th with an opening reception on Sunday May 2nd, 2010 from 5-7pm.

Additionally, I’’m doing a performance for the Knight’s Move Performance Program on Thursday, June 3, 8pm-Midnight.  This program was organized by Keith Connolly and Jay Sanders in collaboration with Fionn Meade.

Click here for the full press release.

News Jun 2010

Incohative Listening + Centerless Portrayal

Sculpture Center Performance
Thursday, June 3, 2010, 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM

An immersive evening of music and live performance features Tom Thayer's eccentric combination of sound, puppetry, and animation; Yuji Agematsu's durational exploration of New York City via slide projection and field recordings; and solo performances by Circuit Des Yeux (Haley Fohr), Tom Kovachevich, and Mother Earth (Kyle Clyde and Dylan Hay) throughout the building and courtyard.

Click here for info.

News May 2010

Magnetic Vista, 2010. Animation, corrugated cardboard, masking tape, crayon, string, wire, electronics and sound.

Installation images of some of my work in the SculptureCenter survey show, Knight’s Move. On view May 3rd - July 26th.

News Jul 2010

Punctuation Programme, Jessica Mallock & Tom Thayer

curated by Matt Williams, Limoncello Gallery, London, UK

Click here for info.

News Aug 2010

Zone Zero

PORT D’OR, Brooklyn, NY

Collaborating artists, Keith Connolly and Tom Thayer, debut THE SPANIARD + THE HUDSON EEL at Port D’Or, Brooklyn, NY. “An interactive storyboard prototype of a text based video adventure a la ZORK, with a touch of Vladimir + Estragon.”

News Oct 2010

Sound and video performance by Keith Connolly and Tom Thayer w/ John Jines on B&W Sony and Linhoff, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY.

News Nov 2010

Betwixt & Between, ARTSPACE, New Haven, CT,  Nov 11, 2010 - Jan 22, 2011

Click here for info.

International Project Space, Birmingham, UK, presents a series of moving-image exhibitions by invited curators. 

Jay Sanders’ ITWAN, (10 – 20 November) is a film document of an evening performance event at New York’s Sculpture Center collectively titled Inchoative Listening & Centerless Portrayal, featuring artists and musicians including Yuji Agematsu, Mother Earth, Tom Kovachevich, Tom Thayer and Circuit Des Yeux, sound: Llilw Gray, camera: John Jines, and editing by Keith Connolly, Jay Sanders and Tom Thayer.

Click here for info.

My artwork is included on the Manhattan side of Paddy Johnson’s LP project, The Sound of Art.  The LP is “a fragmented sound document of the last five years of art in the city” and it’s release celebrates five years of Johnson’s legendary art-world blog, Art Fag City. Wonderful artists are involved.  There’s a John Fahey piece, Erick Zuenskes’ piece from Dave Miko’s A Lettuce Slaughter in the Woods, and a fundraising, limited-edition print made in response to the LP by Mike Smith.

Release party November 18th, 7PM to 3AM, Santos Party House, New York, NY.



Andre Avelas (Abrons Art Center), Petra Cortright (Internet), Jennie C. Jones, (Sikemma Jenkins) Moyra Davey, (Orchard47) Elias Hansen (Maccarone), Ted Riederer (Marianne Boesky), Cliff Evans (Luxe Gallery), LoVid, (LMCC), Marcin Ramocki (MOMA), Shannon Plumb (Sarah Melzer Gallery), Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller, (Luhring Augustine), John Fahey (AVA), Miriam Stern (Yeshiva University), Jennifer Schmidt (Elizabeth Foundation Project Space), Carolina A. Miranda (Armory show), Tyler Jacobsen and Chris Anderson (Canada), Tom Thayer (White Columns), Luke Murphy (Canada), Joel Holmberg (New Museum), Lawrence Weiner (Whitney Museum), Laura Parnes, (Participant Inc), Brainstormers (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Center).

Aron Namenwirth (artMovingProjects), Damien Catera (Hogar Collection), Andy Graydon (LMAK Projects), Sonny Smith (Cinders Gallery), Paul Slocum (artMovingProjects), Heidi Neubauer-Winterburn (Louis V. E.S.P.), Eric Laska (Diapason), Elena Wen (AIR Gallery), Joe McKay (Vertexlist), Heather Dewey-Hagborg (Issue Project Room), Peter Dobill (English Kills), Douglas Henderson (Pierogi), Robert McNeill (MonkeyTown), Erick Zuenskes (Real Fine Arts), Wayne Hodge (Fivemyles), Ranjit Bhatnagar and Nick Yulman (Coney Island Museum), Lara Kohl (PS 1), Mike Koller and MTAA (McCarren Park).

click here for more info.

News Dec 2010

Everything is pink this year at Doyers Holiday Shop..... even the air seems pink!  It is the one place you will be able to buy TT02, the second Cardboard Mirror release.  Fifteen minutes of  music (made with a 1976 Micromoog Pink Noise circuit as the sound source) accompanied by abstract, moving, shape compositions.  Like hand-making a screen saver from paper, electricity and spit.

   TT02, Cardboard Mirror, 2010, NTSC DVD, 15 min

News Jan 2011


The Kitchen presents David Miko and Tom Thayer exhibition

New World Pig January 7—March 5

New York, NY, Jan 7, 2011—The Kitchen presents New World Pig, a dual exhibition premiering the collaborative works of New York-based artists David Miko and Tom Thayer. The show, curated by Matthew Lyons, features Miko’s paintings and Thayer’s stop-motion animation videos. The exhibition will be on view January 7—March 5, 2010. The Kitchen’s gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday, 12:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. and Saturday, 11:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Admission is free. There will be an opening reception for the exhibition at The Kitchen (512 West 19th Street) on Friday, January 7 from 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.

Miko and Thayer worked separately but in tandem to create New World Pig, an evocative, immersive installation of paintings and video. The artists juxtaposed the diverse vocabulary of Miko’s paintings (done in various combinations of oil, enamel, lacquer, ink, and acrylic on aluminum) with Thayer’s supersaturated colors and lo-fi image quality, which are derived from his use of antiquated VHS video technology along with current at-home, consumer-grade digital tools. In this exhibition, Miko’s paintings act as screens for Thayer’s projected animations.

At the heart of the exhibition is the strange phenomenon created by the combining and transforming of materials that result in glowing colors and shapes which shimmer and murmur to gradually reveal a murky folk tale. The singular, hybrid visual displays of painted and moving images created by Miko and Thayer parallels the theme of transformation that is central to the narrative of New World Pig.

Funding Credits

This exhibition is made possible with support from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the VisualArts, Dedalus Foundation Inc., and with public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency.

News Apr 2011

I will be setting the mood while you buy your tickets and have your first drink at the amazing music festival, NUMINA lente. (info here)

April 14th at 7pm sharp to catch this pre-show, lobby performance.

I will be participating in the spring benefit for SculptureCenter, Long island City, NY.

It’s an unconventional auction on April 13th, with previews on April 11th and 12th. (info here)

Interview in THE L MAGAZINE. 

Very flattered that Paddy Johnson and Benjamin Sutton thought of my work for this article and interview. 

News Oct 2011

Please join us for “The Future Has Two Faces,” a benefit for Triple Canopy featuring a series of green-screen performances by Jacob Ciocci, Ben Coonley, Dynasty Handbag, Andrea Merkx, Shana Moulton, Michael Smith, Tom Thayer, and Conrad Ventur with Mario Montez, organized by Cory Arcangel and Gabrielle Giattino, with a DJ set by Jay Sanders. Tickets begin at $75 and include: cocktails and hors d'oeuvres; a copy of the forthcoming book Invalid Format: An Anthology of Triple Canopy, designed in collaboration with Project Projects; a specially made Risograph print by Triple Canopy; a limited-edition tote bag designed by JF & SON. http://canopycanopycanopy.com/events/46

I will be performing at the Triple Canopy benefit on October 28th.  (info here)

News Nov 2011

I have a work in The Kitchen Benefit Art Auction  (info here)

I have a work in The New Yorker Passport to the Arts Art Auction  (info here)

Pleased to announce I have work in “The End”,  curated by Michael Bühler-Rose and   John Connelly.  At Vogt Gallery, 508 - 526 West 26th Street, New York, NY (info here)

News Jan 2012

The continuing saga of  THE SPANIARD + THE HUDSON EEL

a collaborative piece of interactive fiction and video (info here)

News Mar 2012

I am very flattered and honored to be included in the 2012 Whitney Biennial.  This year’s Biennial was co-curated by Elisabeth Sussman and Jay Sanders. (info here)

“Since its introduction in 1932, the Whitney Biennial—the Museum's signature exhibition and a highly anticipated event in the art world—has charted new developments in contemporary art. Inaugurated by Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney in 1932, these biennial exhibitions have demonstrated the museum's commitment to supporting the development of 20th- and 21st-century American art.”

The 2012 Whiteny Biennial catalogue is available for pre-order. (here) It is an  exciting and unusual catalog “devoted to original contributions from each of the participating artists, in a unique effort to provide a more experiential understanding of the exhibition.” Kind of like an exhibition unto itself. 

The book is paperback, 320 pages, edited by Sussman and Sanders, and published by by Yale University Press.

Pleased to announce a collage of mine in the collection of the The Museum of Fine Arts Houston will be on view, along with the animation it was generated from, as a part of their exhibition, Utopia/Dystopia (link here)

“Utopia/Dystopia explores the ways that artists use photography to project a political, social, or cultural state of utopia or dystopia. Ranging in date from the late 19th century to the present, these photos, photocollages, photomontages, and moving images—along with photographs of a constructed space or sculptures that incorporate a photograph—have allowed artists to experiment with social, political, and urban construction and imagination.

The exhibition draws on the collections of the MFAH and the Menil Collection in Houston; the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art in New York; and private collectors. Among the many artists represented are Herbert Bayer, Matthew Buckingham, Richard Hawkins, Hannah Höch, El Lissitzky, Esaki Reiji, and Tom Thayer.”

An illustrated catalogue, published by the MFAH and distributed by Yale University Press, accompanies the exhibition.

Softcover. 124 pages, Yasufumi Nakamori, with Graham Bader (available here)

News April 2012

Tom Thayer
Crossing the Methane River
April 28 - May 26, 2012
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 28, 6-8pm
A man he told me it's not the methane,
it's your knowledge that blocks your way. 
-Bill Fay, "Methane River", 1970

Derek Eller Gallery is pleased to present new work by Tom Thayer.

Tom Thayer channels his improvisational and deeply personal practice through installation, low-tech stop-motion animations, performance, sculpture, painting, and works on paper. By transforming and amplifying modest materials (cardboard, paint, string, and wire), he creates fleets of puppets, enigmatic figures, shapes, birds, and desolate scenery. His work has affinity for the rawness of Jean Dubuffet, the aggression of the Viennese Actionists, the automatism of Henri Michaux, and the romanticism of Henri Rousseau.  For twenty years, Thayer has manifested a singular vision in a multidisciplinary oeuvre.

Thayer "pushes away cerebral, idea-based work," towards a liberated imaginary, one that is uninhibited by conceptual conceits and has the ability to break through the impasse of the known into unexplored regions of feeling and experience. Childhood, outsiders, and the imagination interest him as alternatives to the the rationalized and regulated everyday world. The work too reveals his preoccupation with humanity's penchant for cruelty, and the "slightly monstrous" instincts present at birth - the "human dysfunction." Thayer communicates the vacillations of human psychology with a vibrant visual language that is as immediately captivating as it is hermetic. He laces humor and naiveté with pathos, melancholy with romance. He sympathizes with the strange, and conjures the spaces between fantasy and reality, interior and exterior - to experience the work of Tom Thayer is to enter a world surfeit with energy and mystery. 

Originally from Chicago, Tom Thayer lives and works in New Jersey. His work is currently on view in the Whitney Biennial 2012 at the Whitney Museum of American Art and Utopia/Dystopia: Construction and Destruction in Photography and Collage at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. This will be his first solo exhibition with the gallery.

Derek Eller Gallery is located at 615 West 27th Street, between 11th and 12th Avenues. Hours are Tuesday - Saturday from 11am - 6pm.  For further information or visuals, please contact the gallery at 212.206.6411 or visit www.derekeller.com.
D E R E K    E L L E R   G A L L E R Y

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEhttp://derekeller.com/

I have work in the 2012 White Columns Benefit Exhibition + Auction

Support this wonderful place! (info here)

I have work in the spring benefit for SculptureCenter, Long island City, NY.  (info here)

News May 2012

“Multimedia artist Tom Thayer will present two live performances, further activating his third-floor gallery installation with his own presence. Thayer’s installations are highly theatrical sight-sound environments featuring handmade backdrops, puppet-like figures, stop-motion collage animations, and vintage audio and image-making equipment. For his performances, he improvises on an array of self-made musical instruments, performs live animation and video mixing, and manipulates the objects in the installation to generate a quivering constellation of moving and static forms.”

Free with Museum admission.

Whitney Museum of American Art
945 Madison Avenue at 75th Street
New York, NY 10021


SUNDAY MAY 20th & SUNDAY MAY 27th 12-5PMhttp://whitney.org/Events/TomThayerPerformance
Tom Thayer performs live video manipulation with John Jines at the 2012 Whitney Biennial, curated by Elisabeth Sussman and Jay Sanders.  Photo: Derek Eller, 2012http://whitney.org/Events/TomThayerPerformance

News Mar 2013

Two views of The Tender Color of the Raspberry Darkens, Slowly Obscured by the Pale Mold, Miko & Thayer, 2011-2013, 4:30 animation loop; acrylic on aluminum with video projection, 80 x 60 inches (203.2 x 152.4 cm)

News Feb 2013

Installation views of Baseless Legion of Architects Rent Assunder, Miko & Thayer, at Eleven Rivington Gallery, 195 Chrystie St, New York, NY


Installation views of Baseless Legion of Architects Rent Assunder,  Yuji Agematsu, Jenny Borland, Whitney Calfin, Bill Hayden, Matt Hoyt, John Jines, Andrei Koschmieder, Ben Morgan-Cleveland, Annie Ochmanek, Bob Phelan, Sam Pulitzer, Colleen Rochette, Joanna Spinks, Annette Weintraub, Bo Wilsdorf, at Eleven Rivington Gallery, 11 Rivington St, New York, NY

News June 2012

News Sept 2012

News Apr 2013

News Dec 2013

News Jun 2013

News Oct 2013

Stills from animation created to accompany the NoNeck Blues Band’s record, GITANJALI, in a collaborative performance with John Jines and Keith Connolly for the EP’s release at MoMA PS1’s new, mysterious space of triangles.

The EP is beautiful, recorded in 2006 on the Sun City Girl’s Gamelan and various other collected instruments.

News Nov 2013

 M A D A M E   Z A Z O U F 

invites you to MoMA PS1's Printshop this Sunday from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.


for a listening of  NO-NECK BLUES BAND'S  new 10" EP GITANJALI 

in a site specific projected environment by TOM THAYER + JOHN JINES

to be followed by a vintage NNCK performance screening as well as DJ keith NNCK spinning wax at the bar.

hope to see you there! details below!

s o b e r i n g gallery is pleased to announce ORGANZIED*, a group show devised by Robert Janitz from December 5th to January 18th, 2014. 
Opening on December 5th from 6PM to 9PM.

Organzied is not only an accident but a happy one. 
The title sets the tone to what interests me in this show: to bring together artists that to me share as a common denominator an open structure around a sense of identity.  maybe two even. one they are working off from and one they are working towards to.
An open structure in using associative chains of thought, exploring parentheses, parallel thought lines and transpositions of an original - let's say phrase.
What holds the varied thought lines together in a wider sense is a 'sculpting imagination', often not bound by one particular medium, but using different mediums in a mentally hands-on way.
As i arrived in the USA i found the local sense of 'freedom' was quite different from what i had experienced growing up in Europe.
In the old world it was a freedom of something, but the new world was a freedom to.
What is so different is the notion of the other.
Maybe the artists i assemble here have this in common, they dialogue with what they do, as they do it.
Hello to the next moment -  will you be my hotel room, my helipad?  i won't stay long but allow me to say a couple of things while i'm here...
It is my pleasure to bring together a selection of German and American artists in Paris, the perfect stage.
So, lets give it a go and raise the (Organza) curtain to take a closer look at this choice of organzied peradams.

Robert Janitz
New York, November 25th, 2013 http://soberinggalerie.com/?page_id=430

Social Photography III
An Exhibition of Cell Phone Photographs
December 12, 2013 - January 14, 2014
Opening Reception: 
Thursday, December 12, 6-9 p.m.
Closing Reception: 
Tuesday, January 14, 6-9 p.m.

Social Photography III is the third installment of a carriage trade benefit exhibition focusing on the relatively new medium of cell phone photography. Emphasizing no particular theme beyond how the cell phone camera is most often used, both artists and non-artists were invited to submit images from their phones and email them to carriage trade. The images will be printed on 5” x 7” paper and installed in a grid in the gallery.
As cell phone cameras become more ubiquitous, their function continues to evolve. Encompassing the varied roles of snapshots, visual notes, discrete picture taking, or the immediacy of citizen journalism, the cell phone camera lacks the intentionality of a point-and-shoot, resulting in a more direct recording of the “everyday.” Because of the proximity of cell phone images to the spoken word and text-based communication, the pictures are often a kind of visual shorthand to fill the gaps in between.
In this third installment of Social Photography, the increasing sophistication of cell phone camera technology has led to an interest in it as a medium in its own right, raising questions about whether it will become indistinguishable from a camera or maintain some level of informality and idiosyncrasy by virtue of its hybrid nature and function as a tool for communication.http://www.carriagetrade.org/Social-Photography-III

You can purchase my contribution to Carriage Trade’s Social Photography III (pictured above) HERE

Along with works by these contributors:

A Constructed World / Eric Aho / Michael Ashkin / Colleen Asper / Beth Bartholomew / Victoria Bartlett / David Baskin / Betty Beaumont / Phil Bednarski / Laura Bell / Theodora Ben-Ezra / Liz Berg / Cindy Bernard / Julien Bismuth / Owen Bissex / Joi Bittle / Jimbo Blachy / Keith Boadwee / Mel Bochner / Jennifer Bolande / F.P. Boué / Leslie Brack / Olaf Breuning / Dieter Buchhart / Jim Buckley / Richard Burkett / Sarah Butler / Luisa Caldwell / Donald Cameron / Davide Cantoni / Laura Carton / Antoine Catala / Barb Choit / Mary-Ann Chafin / Eddie Chu / John Clement / Jackie Connolly / Karrie Cornell / Chris Costan / Marsha Cottrell / Fred Cray / Jody Culkin / Jeremiah Day / Lucky DeBellevue / Joshua Decter / Noah Dillon / Yana Dimitrova / Alexander Driwell / Andrew Dubow / Bill Dunleavy / Alexander Dwinell / Tracey Emin / James Ewing / Enxuto & Love / Rochelle Feinstein / Derek Fordjour / Jan Frank / Dana Frankfort / Ken Freedman / Geraldine Geffriaud / Mark Geffriaud / Aaron Gemmill / Andrew Ginzel / David Glackin / Maximilian Goldfarb / Kathy Goncharov / Paul Gondry / Terence Gower / Dan Graham / Tracy Grayson / Jeremiah Gregory / Graham Guerra / Anthony Haden-Guest / Kaitlyn Hamilton / Charlotte Harvey / Aurelien Heilbronn / Ed Heins / Eric Heist / Christina Hejtmanek / Lena Henke / Rick Herron / Cindy Hinant / Barry Hoggard / Joel Holub / Christopher Howard / Cannon Hudson / Juliana Huxtable / Alex Innocenti / Juan Iribarren / Shelby Jackson / Dana James / Robert Janitz / Richard Jochum / Jefferey Joyal / Werner Kaligofsky / Marika Kandelaki / Matt Keegan / Mathias Kessler / Megan Liu Kincheloe / Jemima Kirke / Hilary Kliros / Robert Knafo / Nicholas Knight / Silvia Kolbowski / Thomas Kotik / Udomsak Krisanamis / Christina Kruse / Juliam Kunin / Nina Kuo / Stephen Lack / Rebecca A. Layton / Pierre-Pol Lecouturier / Leigh Ledar / Leah Ledhair / Richard Lehun / Cary Leibowitz / Justin Liberman / Shiva Lynn Burgos / Robert Marshall / Jose Martos / Servane Mary / Yasunori Matsui / Kevin+Jennifer McCoy / Mara McKevitt / Mieko Meguro / Frances Middendorf / Dan Mikesell / Elisabeth Mikesell / Zach Milder / Don Milder / Ted Mineo / Eric Moe / Sam Monkarsh / Seamus Moran / Christopher Moss / Olivier Mosset / Ned & Shiva Productions / Diane Nerwen / Daniel Newman / Colin Ocon / Paul Pagk / Ester Partegas / Stephan Pascher / Xavier Pauwels / Asher Penn / Mike Peter Smith / Kenneth Pietrobono / James Powers / Lee Ranaldo / Asad Raza / David Reeve / Calvin Reid / Fabio Roberti / Rebecca Robertson / Mariah Robertson / Walter Robinson / Abby Robinson / Sasha Roker / Tim Rollins / Aura Rosenberg / Lorin Roser / Ilan Rubin / Christy Rupp / Joao Salema / Sam Samore / Nancy C. Sampson / Sebastien Sanz de Santamaria / Ken Saylor / Heidi Schlatter / Nadine Schmied / Anne Senstad / Tara Sharkmuffin / Trevor Shimizu / Raphaele Shirley / Cal Siegel / James Siena / Alessandro Simonetti / Mara Sloan / Allyson Smith / Joseph Smolinski / Jessica Smolinski / Tom Sperry / Hannah Spitz / Emma Squire / Steel Stillman / Sikay Tang / Mateo Tannat / David Terry / Tom Thayer / Peppe Tortora / Sophie Tottie / Taylor Trabulus / Tribble/Mancenido / Pegi Vail / Marc Vancauwenbergh / Doris Vila / Christiane Voegeli / Peter Voegeli / Dorothea Von Moltke / Julia Wachtel / James Wagner / Lindsay Walt / Barbara Weissberger / Joy Whalen / Alan Wiener / Roy Williams / Michael Wilson / B. Wurtz / C_Spencer Yeh / Jiajia Zhang / Jeremy Zini / Barbara Zucker / Ludovic Zuili

An Evening with Tom Thayer

Monday, December 16, 2013, 7:00 p.m.

Theater 2 (The Roy and Niuta Titus Theater 2), T2




New Jersey–based artist Tom Thayer (b. 1970) operates at the intersection of the hand-crafted and the technological, exploring the phenomenological shifts that occur when a three-dimensional object, such as a collage or sculpture, is represented in another medium—primarily the moving image. As teenagers in Chicago, Thayer and his siblings shot short videos, resulting in hours of footage that the artist continues to use today in elaborate live performances, during which he animates, physically and virtually, objects of his own making. Realized with strikingly simple means—a bent piece of wood and a wire serve as an instrument, a bird puppet turns into a record player—his performances affirm the magic of a combination of poor materials and rich imagination. Thayer joins us to discuss his practice and premiere a new live performance.

Keith Connolly, Ethan Ham, and Tom Thayer, THE SPANIARD + THE HUDSON EEL, 2012.

News April 2014



Tom Thayer

Superrational Searching

April 25 - May 24, 2014

Opening Reception:

Friday, April 25, 6-8pm

"As a teenager, I regularly led my friends on unusual, middle-of-the-night journeys through the suburban landscape. I was searching for something. I was

searching for the superrational. Inspired by Jerzy Grotowski's paratheatrical exercises, I conducted activities on these journeys borrowing elements familiar to elementary-school children (playing, drawing, making music, putting on plays), but that had ominous overtones in their execution.

Getting the Sky to Pull You was one such activity. On very windy, dark nights, kites would be flown. Soon after they were airborne, they would disappear into the blackness. The player was left gripping a rigid string that shot straight up into outer space. The black sky heaved hard on the string. So the player would feed the sky more string. But the more string the player fed to the sky, the harder the blackness pulled at them. The string strained and jerked, as if the entire sky was one gigantic squid snagged on a hook. With this particular activity, there always seemed to be a universal, ecstatic look on the player's faces. I carried a pair of scissors with me. At the height of their tug-of-war with the sky, I would walk around and cut the strings. The sky would suddenly let go, and the string would be sucked up into the blackness. The player was left on earth, arm outstretched, face pointing upward, mouth agape, their eyes wide and watery, searching the blackness for its lost attention."

Derek Eller Gallery is pleased to present Superrational Searching, Tom Thayer’s second solo exhibition at the gallery. In this exhibition of new paintings and video, Thayer furthers his explorations in empirical art and expansion into abstraction. Using collaged felt, cardboard, string, and other treated materials, the paintings and video have a powerful, oracular energy. Rune-like shapes populate the exhibition and generate a foreboding atmosphere, inchoate and irresolvable, a drama of forms hovering on the precipice of dissolution. In this body of work, images disintegrate and metamorphose in an alchemical process of continual reinvention.

Tom Thayer (b. 1970) lives and works in New Jersey. His most recent live performance took place at the Museum of Modern Art, New York in December 2013. His work was recently included in Paper at Saatchi Gallery, London; *organzied, curated by Robert Janitz, at Galerie Sobering, Paris; Utopia/Dystopia: Construction and Destruction in Photography and Collage at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston; 2012  Whitney Biennial at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.

Derek Eller Gallery is located at 615 West 27th Street, between 11th and 12th Avenues. Hours are Tuesday - Saturday from 11am - 6pm.  For further information or image, please contact the gallery at 212.206.6411 or visit www.derekeller.com


A work of mine will be for auction at the benefit for Atspace, New Haven, CT. (info here)

A work of mine will be for auction at the spring benefit for SculptureCenter, Long island City, NY. (info here)


50 Orange Street

New Haven, CT 06510

News Aug 2014


Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI)

535 West 22nd Street, 5th Floor New York, NY 10011

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

6:30 pm

Continuing the tradition of its annual summer group shows, EAI hosts a free evening spotlighting emerging artists alongside recent and historical works from the EAI collection. This program is structured like a late-summer mixtape rallying against the fleeting season: a deftly sequenced flow of bangers, classics, deep cuts, and hidden gems.

And yet this light framework offers a convenient point of departure to dive into the complex and thrilling relationships between sound and image, personal and political, and sampling and reappropriation, while spanning musical, aesthetic, and technological approaches: a nod to the past with an eye toward new directions.

Works include video synthesizer maestro
Stephen Beck's pioneering 1984 8-bit hip-hop machinima epic The Loner Breaker; Jon Rafman's Still Life (Betamale), a collaboration with Oneohtrix Point Never that stares unflinchingly into the Dark Internet's void of Subreddits, furry fandom, and profound digital aberrations; the colorful wash of analog textures in recent titles by Robert Beatty and Brat Pit's Ginny Benson; Tom Thayer's Phantasmagoria, which uses obsolete computer imaging techniques to create a pixellated throwback to early-cinema silhouette animation; quintessential scratch video by London Video Access' George Barber; Trevor Shimizu's DIY music video for Jackson Browne's exemplarily banal AOR classic Somebody's Baby (shot on the sly in EAI's offices); C. Spencer Yeh's digital animated video for Xiu Xiu's This Too Shall Pass Away (For Freddy); a music video by Dinosaur Jr. album artist Maura Jasper for their blistering cover of Just Like Heaven.


News Nov 2014


Social Photography IV
An Exhibition of Cell Phone Photographs
November 12- 22nd 2014 
Exhibition venue: Emily Harvey Foundation 537 Broadway, New York, NY 10012
Opening Reception: Thursday, November 12th, 6-9 p.m. Closing Reception: Saturday, November 22nd, 6-9 p.m.Gallery hours: Tuesday to Saturday 1 to 7 pm

Carriage trade is pleased to announce its fourth installment of Social Photography, an exhibition that focuses on cell phone photography. Emphasizing no particular theme apart from how the cell phone camera is most often used, both artists and non-artists were invited to submit images from their phones and email them to carriage trade. While submissions come from a wide-array of individuals, past contributors to the project include Mel Bochner, Joshua Decter, Tracey Emin, Jeffrey Eugenides, Dan Graham, Leigh Ledare, and Julie Wachtel. The exhibition will open at the Emily Harvey Foundation on Thurs, Nov 12th and will run through Sat, Nov 22th.
As cell phone cameras become more ubiquitous, their function continues to evolve. Encompassing the varied roles of snapshots, visual notes, discrete picture taking, or the immediacy of citizen journalism, the cell phone camera lacks the intentionality of a point-and-shoot, resulting in a more direct recording of the “everyday.” Because of the proximity of cell phone images to the spoken word and text-based communication, the pictures are often a kind of visual shorthand to fill the gaps in between.
While the increasing sophistication of cell phone technology is leading to a professionalization of the medium, the ubiquity of cell phone cameras and the speed with which the images are transmitted has led to an almost unconscious pictorial transmission of our day-to day lives. With an open-ended policy on submissions and an intentionally wide range of participants, the goal of Social Photography is to take regular measure of a perpetually evolving image-making technology with broad implications for visual culture.

News Sept 2014


September 9th 2014 – October 18th

Palazzo Sforza Cesarini
via Sforza Cesarini 43a
00186 Roma

Tom Thayer, Tinley Park, 2014, acrylic, ink, tempera, pigments, glue, graphite, crayon, wire, string, felt and cardboard on felt, 161,3 x 127 x 5 cm

Group Exhibition at Monitor, Rome

Thomas Braida, Peter Linde Busk, Benedikt Hipp, Walter Smith, Tom Thayer, Ian Tweedy, Duane Zaloudek

September 9th 2014 – October 18th


News Jun 2015

Upon hearing Gary Wright's “Dream Weaver” at age six, Tom Thayer closed his eyes and could see “an infinite receding landscape of black mirrored glass”, an impression he'd carry into his early teens, when he began naively exploring the then burgeoning house music scene in storefront clubs and on late night radio in 1980's Chicago. He would go on to obtain an MFA and assume the role of arts educator (as well as exhibiting visual artist) in Nashville, Chicago, and NYC, ultimately settling with his family in Ridgefield, NJ, about 30 miles south of the birthplace of ex-pat Spooky Tooth founder Wright. Tonight Thayer performs accompanied by L. GRAY (aka Keith Connolly of No-Neck Blues Band), an exploratory piece for synthesizer, tape, electronics, etc. recalling these early experiences, dedicated to Wright and recently deceased Italian composer Walter Marchetti, and previewing his forthcoming 2LP “It's House”, due out this fall on HALATERN, etc.

News Apr 2015

A work of mine will be for auction at the spring benefit for SculptureCenter, Long island City, NY. (info here)

MONDAY, JUNE 22, 2015 - 8:00PM

Tom Thayer & L. Gray / Kyle Eyre Clyd

Artists Space Books & Talks: 55 Walker St., NYC 10013

TICKETS $15 General $12 Members / Students $0 All-Access Members

                                                                                                             Kyle Eyre Clyd         

Using a home-built theremin, room feedback, wave generators, mono speakers, and mathematics, Kyle Eyre Clyd presents a unique kind of floating, shifting, pulsating synthesis. The performance of these subtle shifts in pitch, volume, and timbre demand intense stillness, mental focus, and an almost-trancelike physical presence on the part of the performer.

Born in New Orleans, LA in 1983 and raised in Alabama, Kyle Eyre Clyd's work draws on the histories of electroaucoustic performance, meditative drone, performance art, music concrete, beatnik mind expansion techniques, and American folk melancholy. She holds a BFA from the Cooper Union where she studied performance and film in the expanding field of sculpture and is now pursuing an MFA from Bard College in Music/Sound. She tours regularly and has presented work in a variety of fine art and underground contexts. She has produced recorded works for HALATERN, etc. as well as her own label, Trepanner.

You can purchase my contribution to Carriage Trade’s Social Photography III HERE

Along with works by these contributors:

Peggy Ahwesh, Anthony Allen, Luis Alonzo, Matthew Antezzo, Aurélien Arbet, Thomas Arsac, Michael Ashkin, Victoria Bartlett, Tal Beery, Catherine Belloy, Theodora Ben-Ezra, Liz Berg, Cindy Bernard, Julien Bismuth, Joi Bittle, Andrea Blum, Michael Bouchet, F.P. Boué, Leslie Brack, Brantly Martin, Ian Brill, Shiva Lynn Burgos, Luisa Caldwell, Andrea Callard, Marc Van Cauwenbergh, Mary Ann Chafin, Kevin Choe, Lindsay Comstock, Francisco Correa Cordero, Fred Cray, Jody Culkin, Natalie Czech, Lucky de Bellevue, Marie de Brugerolle Joshua Decter, Lyne Delépine, Noah Dillon, luba Drozd, Onome Ekeh, Joy Episalla, Jeffrey Eugenides, Jean-Pascal Flavien, Walton Ford, Jan Frank, Ken Freedman, Peter Garfield, Aaron Gemmill, Genemoz, Jessica Gispert, David Glackin, Tracy Grayson, David Grubbs, Kaitlyn Hamilton, Charlotte Harvey, Daniel Hill, Barry Hoggard, Joel Holub, INVISIBLE-EXPORTS, Juan Iribarren, Werner Kaligofsky, Mathias Kessler, Jessica Kingdon, Zak Kitnick, Hilary Kliros, Nicholas Knight, Udomsak Krisanamis, Christina Kruse, Lawrence Kumpf, Stephen Lack, Pierre-Pol Lecouturier, Richard Lehun, Katherine Liberovskaya, Justin Lieberman, Zack Lieberman, Ghaeum Lim, Dana Lixenberg, Felix Lufkin, Mahony, Electra Makris, Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, Ari Marcopoulos, Paul McMahon, Kathleen Miao, Frances Middendorf, Ikue Mori, Diane Nerwen, Nick Oberthaler, Olivier Compte, Valerio Orlando, Patricia Ostrander, Paul Pagk, Ester Partegas, Stephan Pascher, Xavier Pauwels, Fabio Marco Pirovino, Jonathan Podwil, Lee Ranaldo, Rebecca Layton, Calvin Reid, Fabio Roberti, Walter Robinson, Benjamin Rosenthal, Christy Rupp, Alex Ryerson, Joao Salema, Pedro Sanchez, Sebastien Sanz de Santamaria, Michael Sarff, Ken Saylor, Heidi Schlatter, Nadine Schmied, Dennis Sears, Trevor Shimizu, Raphaele Shirley, Alessandro Simonetti, Leah Singer, Barbara Smith, Tom Sperry, Steel Stillman, Alexandre Stipanovich, Audrey Stipanovich, Nicole Straatum, Yvonne Szymczak, Sikay Tang, David Terry, Tom Thayer, Adrian Tone, Tribble & Mancenido, Pegi Vail, Ali Van, Doris Vila Licht, Christiane Voegeli, Noelia Voegeli, Ivana Vollaro, Julia Wachtel, Gerard Wajcman, Lotte Walworth, Hong-Kai Wang, Christian Wassman, Lorenzo Wassman, Barbara Weissberger, Joy Whalen, Roy Williams, Scott Williams, Lisa Williamson, Seth Williamson, B. Wurtz, Alessandro Balteo Yazbeck, C. Spencer Yeh, Bernard Yenelouis, SeoKyeong Yoon, Jiajia Zhang, O Zhang

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90 Ludlow St.  / +19177557713 / www.romeonyc.com
Sat - Sun 12pm to 6pm

Romeo specializes in drawings and works on paper.

Inaugural Exhibition

Apr 10 - May 8, 2016

Featuring the Beautiful and Talented: Rita Ackermann, Nate Antolik, Gina Beavers, Joe Brainard, Jason Brinkerhoff, Andy Cahill, Maria Calandra, Milano Chow, Anton Van Dalen, Austin English, DeSe Escobar, Maureen Gallace, Joseph Geagan, Al Hansen, Jeanette Hayes, Butt Johnson, Irena Jurek, E’wao Kagoshima, Ken Kagami, Stanya Kahn, Sanya Kantarovsky, Mary Reid Kelley, Zak Kitnick, Kinke Kooi, Bradley Kronz, Sadie Laska, Josh Mannis, Jason McLean, Christopher Milic, Ebecho Muslimova, Alexander Nolan, Laura Piasta, Stefanie Popp, Joe Roberts, Aurel Schmidt, Shay Semple, Spencer Sweeney, Tom Thayer, Jason Tomme, Shay Semple , Will Sheldon, Jacques Louis Vidal & Amelie von Wulffen